The 2% Mindset by Dan Bernardin

I believe that developing your mindset is just as important as developing your technique for success in football and success in life. Your mindset dictates the decisions you make and the decisions you make every minute of everyday dictate your future. The 2% mindset is a great visual of some of the things you should consider […]

Sleep and the Professional Athlete by Marc Lindsey

In a highly physical and psychologically demanding, results-based industry, football players are required to train and compete on a regular basis, whilst conditioning coaches strive to preserve performance, prevent injury and promote physical conditioning. However, how much do we really understand this habitual aspect of our lives and how this essential process is part of […]

Context is Key by Paul Walsh

Across all teams and all levels of the game we now see and hear all about teams’ physical data.  Big data has never been more relevant/more exploited? In football, the reporting and recording of physical data is certainly not new, but it’s important to try and add some context to the numbers we see pinned […]

The effects of detraining over the summer off-season by Marc Lindsey

The plasticity of skeletal muscle tissue means it can change its characteristics and structural composition to adapt to various functional demands, neuromuscular activity and hormonal signals (12, 18, 25). Football conditioning over the preparation period and throughout the season, is a structured process, consisting of a series of physiological stresses/responses that allow the player to […]

Direct play with quality are keys to success in football – A research review by Dan Bernardin

The predictors and determinants of inter-season success in a professional soccer team, by Kite & Nevill, in the Journal of Human Kinetics (2017). Abstract: Background: The main objective of football is to outscore your opponent. It has previously been suggested that successful teams need to have a higher number of shots, successful passes and […]

Working in Sport? You need a Plan B! By Mick Byers

‘Unfortunately, I think your position working with the coaches will no longer be tenable’. I had been called to the CEO’s office that afternoon, and my ‘gardening leave’ started straight after that conversation. One week out from Round 1; Only a pre-season in the role. Sure, I had a contract, but what did that matter […]

Small-sided games are a good indication of football talent! A research review by Dan Bernardin

The use of small-sided games to asses skill proficiency in youth soccer players: a talent identification tool by K. Bennett, A. Novak, M. Pluss, C. Stevens, A. Coutts & J. Fransen in Science and Medicine in Football Abstract: Background: Talent identification is an important component at any successful football club. It typically includes the […]