FSCR supports footballers at all levels, gender and ability including Professional, Semi-Professional, Youth (12-18 years) and Amateur players.


The professional game is rapidly evolving and becoming more intense both physically and technically. This has led to high-level players requiring a greater individual approach with technical football sessions, Strength & Conditioning and Physiotherapy support outside of their contracted clubs with the aim to maximise their potential and prolong their careers.


At the semi-professional level Strength & Conditioning and Physiotherapy support is very poor and often neglected as clubs don’t have the funding. This leaves many players to find their own solutions. With access to professional Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Physiotherapists and Sports Nutritionists, you will gain a significant advantage over your competition and progress your career.

THE YOUTH (12-18)

With the extreme difficulty of becoming a professional footballer, parents are introducing their children to professional services from a much earlier age. One of the biggest misconceptions outside of professional football is that children should not perform Strength & Conditioning however at professional clubs, Strength & Conditioning begins at the age of 12. With the extreme difficulty of becoming a professional footballer, you must start training like a pro from an earlier age to improve your chances of success.


Amateur footballers want to train like professional footballers and they also suffer from similar injuries. FSCR is a novel and new health and fitness concept that brings them closer to the professional game. Having access to professional support will improve your enjoyment of the game and reduce your risk of injuries.