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You are more likely to be hit by a meteorite then become a professional footballer in the Premier League, the harsh reality for millions of footballers today.

With the chances of success near impossible, players who aspire to become professional must train like one to even compete. However, the very best training is reserved for the very best players leaving aspiring players at a significant disadvantage.

At FSCR, we believe all footballers should have the opportunity to access the best Sports Science & Medicine support at an affordable price that allows every player to train like a pro.

To achieve this, FSCR have launched THE LAB, the first gym in the world just for footballers.

Our Why
FSCR is everything two failed footballers wished they had access to when it was their dream to make it as a pro.

As a company, FSCR is intent on breaking down the barriers to elite football training and challenging the status quo.

Our mission is to provide world class Sports Science & Medicine support at an affordable price that allows every player to train like a pro.

In the demanding environment of competitive football, no player should be cut off from the opportunity to benefit from the best Sport Science and Medicine support the industry has to offer. FSCR opens the doors to aspiring footballers at all stages in their career and provides them with affordable access to leading industry experts, training programs, 1-2-1 coaching, and qualified sports professionals in Strength & Conditioning, Physiotherapy and Sports Nutrition.

We do this FOR THE PLAYER™ because we know nothing in football comes easy and success is determined by intelligent hard work.

As a company FSCR is built on 5 core values that are a reflection of who we are, what we look for in our staff, and what guides all our decisions for now and the future to achieve our mission.

Our 5 company values are:

For the Player ™
We keep the player at the heart of everything we do. From day one the company has been built For the Player™ and we intend to keep it that way.

Intelligent Hard Work
For our players, performance is everything. We keep results at the forefront of all our training, making players smarter and more efficient, both on and off the pitch.

Progress over Pride
All egos are left at the door and progress is our only ambition. The advice and training delivered by FSCR, is built on integrity, trust and respect, both for the quality of the service we provide, and for the players we support.

We are Blind
We believe that every player has the right to train like a pro, regardless of race, sex or religious belief. All of our services are designed for all players regardless of who they play for, or what level they play at.

Play the Long Game
At FSCR we aim to change the game for good and intend to create a lasting legacy that improves the outlook for a new generation of aspiring footballers.

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