Book Review – Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness by Tom Taylor

Peak Performance

Introduction: ‘Peak Performance’ is written by two authors who are both considered to be at the top of their respective fields; Brad Stulberg (@bstulberg) is a journalist who writes for some of America’s biggest publications, and has also previously worked as a consultant for some of the biggest companies in the world. Steve Magness (@stevemagness) […]

Hydrotherapy Research Review by Dan Bernardin

Effects of Cold Water Immersion and Contrast Water Therapy for Recovery From team Sport: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Sport participation induces high levels of muscle damage and inflammation especially during the season with multiple days of training and competition that lead to accumulated fatigue. Therefore, appropriate recovery strategies are paramount to reducing injury risk […]

I got DOMS! By Dan Bernardin

I received this message from one of my athletes a few years ago, “I can’t even sit on the toilet!” my reply was “why are you sitting down to take a piss!”. All jokes aside DOMS can leave you in some serious pain that can affect your sleep and training schedule, but as an athlete […]