Coach – Don’t just count reps! By Dan Bernardin

As strength and conditioning coaches we are always looking for ways to improve performance. We often look to biomechanics and physiology for these improvements and we often neglect how we coach. The delivery of information and instructions to our athletes is just as important as the right exercise selection. Research from motor learning theory is […]

The Seated Hamstring Curl by Dan Bernardin

This is not typically one of my favourite exercises due to a lack of biomechanical specificity. What that means is, the way the hamstrings function in most football actions in football, sprinting in particular, is very different to the way the hamstrings are stimulated whilst performing the Seated Hamstring Curl. For example, during sprinting the […]

Going geek to reduce the risk of kicking injuries by Dan Bernardin

It is the Rectus Femoris (RF) that is the most prevalent muscle injured within the quadriceps complex (1, 2) and although hamstring tears have been shown to occur more frequently within a season, RF tears have a significantly higher (p<0.01) incidence rate (29%) compared to hamstring tears (11%) during preseason (2). With several intrinsic and […]