Direct play with quality are keys to success in football – A research review by Dan Bernardin

The predictors and determinants of inter-season success in a professional soccer team, by Kite & Nevill, in the Journal of Human Kinetics (2017). Abstract: Background: The main objective of football is to outscore your opponent. It has previously been suggested that successful teams need to have a higher number of shots, successful passes and […]

Squat is not King for Football by Dan Bernardin

A well know term utilised in strength training is that “the squat is king of all exercises”. We are a big fan of the bilateral (two legs) squat but for football our king of all exercises for building general strength is the unilateral (single leg) split squat and its variations. Here are a few reasons […]

Testing for Agility – Is the Reactive Y-Sprint the answer? By Luke Lawrence

Premier League footballers are required to make up to 900 turns and changes of direction over the course of 90 mins (1), all of which require a complex blend of physical, technical and decision-making processes. It is for this reason that agility has been termed the ‘King’ of physical attributes required for football. However, many […]

Trap Bar vs Straight Bar Deadlift by Dan Bernardin

The Deadlift is a staple exercise in most strength and conditioning programmes to develop the muscles of the posterior chain (erector spinae, glutes, hamstrings) and the quadriceps. There are several variations of the Deadlift but for footballers we prefer to utilise the Trap Bar Deadlift (TBD) as opposed to the traditional Straight Bar Deadlift (SBD), […]