Protein Pre-or Post-Workout? By Dan Bernardin

Pre–versus post-exercise protein intake has similar effects on muscular adaptations by B. Schoenfeld, A.Aragon, C.Wilborn, S.Urbina, S.Hayward and J.Krieger in PeerJ (2017).  Abstract: Background The idea of consuming protein supplementation immediately post-training to optimise muscular adaptations has been around for a long time! It comes from the theory that there is an “anabolic window […]

Proximal Neuromuscular Control protects against hamstring injuries in male soccer players: A prospective study with Electromyography Time-Series analysis during maximal sprinting by Dylan Mernagh

Hamstring strain injuries (HSI) are a common injury in many popular team sports and they lead to the loss of many hours of training and competition, as well as a very high re-injury rate. The average hamstring injury burden in professional male footballers is 19.7 days per 1000h (annual average increase 4.1%; (1). The demands […]

Protein Bars – What to look out for by Laura Andrews

You may have guessed – I’m a big fan of protein, and I LOVE a good protein bar to munch on during the day, post-workout, sat on the sofa with a cup of tea, or warmed up with some Greek yogurt. The list on how to enjoy one really is endless. With the rise and […]

A Tablet A Day… by Laura Andrews

Supplements often get a bad rap in the fitness industry, and you’ll often find people in two camps – either they love them and use them all the time, or they hate them and declare that everything we need should come from our diet. At FSCR we’re a bit in the middle. Essentially, we use […]

Protein, do I even need it? By Laura Andrews

FSCR - Protein

If you talk to any nutritionist, strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer or “fitness guru” they will undoubtedly have their own opinions on protein and how much or little the human body requires. TOP that with the mainstream media popping out articles such as “Bodybuilding supplements caused the death of 25year old woman” and no […]

Trap Bar vs Straight Bar Deadlift by Dan Bernardin

The Deadlift is a staple exercise in most strength and conditioning programmes to develop the muscles of the posterior chain (erector spinae, glutes, hamstrings) and the quadriceps. There are several variations of the Deadlift but for footballers we prefer to utilise the Trap Bar Deadlift (TBD) as opposed to the traditional Straight Bar Deadlift (SBD), […]