Why max speed testing with light gates is a waste of time by Dan Bernardin

Peak speed determination in football: is sprint testing necessary? By T. Massard, T. Eggers, and R. Lovell in Science and Medicine in Football (2017). Abstract: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/24733938.2017.1398409 Background: Max speed is an important requirement in elite football and is typically associated with crucial moments in a game that can dictate the outcome such as scoring a […]

Reducing Energy Leaks by Improving Trunk Stiffness by Tom Taylor


‘Stiffness’ is a term that seems to be used more frequently in recent years as an important athletic trait, and the term can be used when talking about various areas of the body, such as stiffness at the ankle and at the knee. The importance of ankle stiffness is often discussed in terms of maximising […]

Very Heavy Sled Training by Dylan Mernagh

As players and coaches the key physical attribute I’ve heard most in my time in football is speed. All players want it, and those that have it want more of it. Research has informed our practice and training by highlighting the importance of starting strength during the early acceleration phase of running. Heavy bilateral strength […]

The Box Jump – Start with the basics and do them well by Dan Bernardin

The box jump is considered an entry-level plyometric exercise utilized to increase explosive power. However, despite this exercise being the first rung on the ladder to more advanced explosive plyometric training, it is constantly performed poorly! Here are just a few things you need to know! 1) Plyometric training was created by Russian sport scientist […]

Testing for Agility – Is the Reactive Y-Sprint the answer? By Luke Lawrence

Premier League footballers are required to make up to 900 turns and changes of direction over the course of 90 mins (1), all of which require a complex blend of physical, technical and decision-making processes. It is for this reason that agility has been termed the ‘King’ of physical attributes required for football. However, many […]