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Our Mission

As a team of strength coaches and physiotherapists working at the highest levels of professional football, we believe every footballer deserves the right to play their best game. To enable this, our mission is to provide World-class multi-disciplinary Sports Science & Medicine support, in a results driven environment that allows every player to train like a Pro.

Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy to keep the game at the centre of everything we do. We know that the greatest improvements in football performance will be achieved by playing and training on the pitch improving your technical, tactical and decision-making ability.

Although it is important to understand your football ability is improved the most by working on the pitch, it is also important to understand that football is an ever-evolving sport and the physical demands are constantly increasing. This has resulted in the need for the modern day footballer to be more athletic and robust then ever! What is important in the pursuit of increased athletic ability and robustness is that it must be specific to the demands of the game.

With a multifaceted approach that considers injury prevention, strength, power and speed development, pitch conditioning and rehabilitation strategies, FSCR is obsessed with finding the right tools and protocols that will transfer to the specific demands of the game and keep you on the pitch training, playing and improving your performance.

Our Values

Our 5 company values are a representation of the founders and what we want to instil in our footballers.

  1. Progress over Pride: We leave our egos at the door and everyone cleans the changing room. We are humble, and all our decisions are based on progress. We get outside of our comfort zone.
  2. Intelligent Hard Work: We accept hard work as everyone can improve. We know there are no quick fixes and no one is successful alone. We are competitive but never negative.
  3. We Play the Long Game: We always look at the big picture. We move quickly in the day to day but remain patient over months and years. We give back to the game of football.
  4. Be Blind: We are blind to race, sex and football status as everyone is equal. We are blind to what others think. We are on our own journey.
  5. For the player: The player is at the centre of everything we do. We always have fun.

Our Community

Laura Andrews

Laura Andrews

Laura is Lead Performance Nutritionist at Queens Park Rangers FC and is also a sessional lecturer at Middlesex University. Laura has a bachelors degree in Public Health Nutrition, a Masters in Sport & Exercise Nutrition and is a registered nutritionist with the Sport & Exercise Nutrition Register. Laura specialises in weight management and performance enhancement for athletes.

Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor

Tom is a fitness and conditioning coach, and is currently Head of Fitness at Heart of Midlothian FC in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tom has a Bachelor’s degree is Sport & Exercise Science, and a Masters by Research looking into recovery amongst elite youth footballers.

Karim Tayara

Karim Tayara

Karim is a performance analyst working with the UAE FA. Karim has a Bachelors degree in Sports Science and is working towards his UEFA B coaching qualifications. He has published work on the effects of music on young academy football players when preparing for competition.

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