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Scott Daly

Charlie Raglan

“I have worked specifically with Scott on improving my strength and Power as well as injury prevention on a daily basis. As a coach I believe Scott is up there with one of the best in Football. His style and enthusiasm to coaching and training is contagious! I would describe his sessions as simple but with a lot of attention paid to the specific details. My biggest improvements have been made in strength and power. I feel sharper when trying to nick in front of strikers or when getting to a ball first. I feel fit and also found that I recover quite quickly between games. If you train with Scott, you will undoubtedly improve as an athlete as well as a Footballer. Scott relates everything to the game and I never feel as though I am doing anything for the sake of it. He will hold you accountable for how successful the programme is for you, he will push you hard but in the right way.”

Charlie Raglan, Centre Back, Oxford United FC

“I have worked with Scott for goalkeeper specific training. Not only have I noticed a massive improvement in my strength and power scores, I also feel much lighter on my feet and have improved my body composition through proper weight training and diet. I believe that if you want to improve yourself in whatever position you play then Scott will definitely help you achieve your goals. Scott is nothing but a true pro in the sense that he will give you all the tools you need to take yourself to the next level.”

Scott Shearer, Goalkeeper, Oxford United FC

Curtis Nelson

“I have worked with Scott for 2 years now and I have definitely learnt a lot about what is required to maintain my natural athleticism for years to come. Scotts programme has allowed me to stay fresh all season while actually improving my strength and power. With some many games recovery is important and Scott tailors our training around games that keeps me feeling fresh and sharp. I feel lighter on my feet as well as feeling much more dominant in challenges and aerial battles with strikers. I would recommend Scott if you are serious about training and want to improve as a player. He does not complicate things, sessions will be enjoyable and you only progress once the basics have been mastered. This has allowed me to continue to improve week in week out.”

Curtis Nelson, Centre Back, Oxford United FC

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