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Dan Bernardin

Robert Green

I worked with Dan while at QPR and I trained almost daily for 18 months. I feel that it not only gave me new insights into my own physical attributes but also an understanding of diet and its effects on the body providing a renewed motivation within the gym. I feel that his knowledge, focus and input has added years on to my career. If anyone were looking to work with Dan I would say that the sessions are tough and uncompromising but if they are maintained and his health advice is followed then the potential for improvement is huge.”

Robert Green, Queens Park Rangers FC

Nedum Onuoha

I have worked with Dan at QPR FC for several years with him overseeing both team and individual strength, conditioning and injury rehabilitation. His approach to training really has been a breath of fresh air, as you know that whatever is asked of you has been thought through and will be directly related to you and your development. The programmes are challenging when they need to be and it’s never just a case of ‘one size fits’ all. It’s impossible to not give 100% no matter how hard it gets, as you know the rewards at the end are huge, both for the body AND the mind. He’s been a big reason I’ve managed to stay healthy over the past few years, which in turn has led me to enjoy my football a lot more. I would recommend Dan to any footballer but they have to realise that there are no improvements to be made if you lack commitment. Dan will be committed to making you a better version of yourself but if you aren’t then maybe he isn’t for you.”

Nedum Onuoha, Queens Park Rangers FC

Lewis Page

I worked with Dan at the Academy of West Ham United as a youth team player. I was always a late developer and struggled physically but then I started working with Dan in the gym and during those 2 years I improved massively in my career due to my physical development. I received sessions for strength and speed that were specific to me and my playing position. I also received conditioning circuits to prevent injury in order to keep me on the pitch and I still continue to use similar programmes today. His sessions not only made me quick and strong but also much more confident on the pitch and therefore I would say use Dan because he is a very determined guy who will help you get better not only physically but also mentally.”

Lewis Page, Charlton Athletic FC

Josh Cullen

Dan was my strength coach at WHU FC Academy from the age of 15-18. The training programmes I received were excellent and made me enjoy working in the gym. Dan had a clear message and expected hard work, determination and a desire to get better. My programmes involved a lot of lower body work including a range of squats and deadlifts which helped me develop a solid base to hold players off whilst protecting and manipulating the ball. I also improved my ability to win headers with different types of jumps to improve my explosiveness, this is important as I am not the tallest on the pitch. Last but most importantly I did a lot of injury prevention work and during my time with Dan I did not suffer any significant muscle injuries which meant I did not miss any training or game time at a crucial time in my development. Dan is a great guy and class coach, he helped me massively to develop as a player and I can’t thank him enough. If you are willing to work hard and take on his advice you will no doubt reap the rewards… Do it!”

Josh Cullen, West Ham United FC

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